01. Julian
02. Rooftop Melody
03. Did I Hear You Say?
04. The I Love You Song
05. Putty
06. Alvaro
07. Poison
08. Sleeping Beauty
09. Sugarlump
10. Murder
11. The Sweet Air of Virginia
12. Where Would That Leave Us?

Named by the Washington Post as one of the “Best Local Releases of 2010,” Natalie York’s debut album, “Threads,” is described as “souful,” “warm” and “sophisticated.” York weaves a rich fabric of Americana, blues, country, soul, and jazz in this impressive first effort.

Natalie York – vocals, guitar
Tom Prasada-Rao – guitars, violin, viola
Asher Barreras – bass
Colin Hinton – drums
David Lukens – piano, organ, keyboards
Chris Rosser – keyboards
Alexander Campos – cajon, aux. percussion
Alessandra Levy – vocals
Emily Henry – vocals
Mike Gullo – vocals
Tyler Bernhardt – vocals
Tyler Burchfield – tenor saxophone
Tyler Clibbon – alto saxophone, piano
Joanna Sabater – trombone
Nick Talotta – trumpet

All songs written by Natalie York.
Produced by Tom Prasada-Rao and Natalie York
Recorded by Tom Prasada-Rao at the Wildwood Tofu Bar in Richardson, TX and by Roberto Betancourt in Miami, FL.
Mixed by Roberto Betancourt.
Mastered by Luke Gilfeather in Nashville, TN.

Cover photo by Aimée Raver.
Design by Caroline Brock.